An S-A-C, also known as a SAC, is a personal storage device that "digitizes" inanimate objects and stores them as digital data.

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Features Edit

  • Digitization Array - The primary use of a SAC is to digitize and store physical objects as a data pattern. The pattern is so incredibly complex that it cannot be replicated without damaging the pattern, so there is no way to use it to duplicate an object.
  • Item Catalogue - Even if an item is not digitized, the SAC can identify it as being in its user's posession. All items, both digitized and not, show up in the SAC's display, and the SAC is able to provide heads-up information on the given item.
  • MDisk Repository - MDisks are held in a different storage system than other items. This is because the physical makeup of the MDisk also holds highly-compressed, discrete information, which can be lost as part of the digitization process. Instead, the SAC merely maintains the basic pattern of an MDisk, while storing the information on it as raw data. When re-assembled into physical matter, the SAC generates a template MDisk and quickly writes all the information to it. However, the data on an MDisk is too vast and compressed for the SAC to read it, and therefore requires an MDisk Reader.
  • Materia Crystal Reclamation - Materia crystal can be digitized and stored, while the unit value of the crystals are automatically credited to the individual's account.
  • Map Reader - Maps can be downloaded from some data source and stored for later perusal. The map reader can also interface with pearl and animal detectors to provide a head's-up display.
  • E-Mail / Voicemail - A SAC can receive e-mail and voicemail wirelessly.
  • Data Storage - A SAC can wirelessly access data from other nearby sources, such as Jade's camera.
  • Wireless Pattern Transceiver - When within close range of another SAC, an item's pattern can be transmitted directly to the other SAC.
  • Artificial Intelligence - Newer SACs feature an AI helper program that is able to perform a variety of tasks. The AI on Jade's SAC is named Secundo.