The Pearl and the Currents is an MDisk given to Jade by the IRIS Network, detailing the plans of the Alpha Sections and what Jade must do to uncover the truth.

MDisk Edit


The Alpha Sections have deceived us. Since the beginning of the war, they have been controlled by te DomZ and profit from the general chaos to kidnap innocent people.

Thanks to "Double H", we know now where the victims are taken to on Hillys:

1) The Nutripils Factory.

2) The old Slaughterhouse, in the suttles.

3) The moon, in a cargo cruiser.

We must put an end to this nightmare. Every proof we can find relating to this conspiracy will bring us more and more support from the people.

A general uprising would allow us to overthrow the Alpha Sections and save thousands of innocent lives. If the revolt spreads, we may be able to end this war.

But we need photographic evidence to find out exactly what's going on at the factory:

  • Photos of the victims.
  • Photos of the Alpha Sections without their helmets on to know who they really are.

That's where you come in, Jade. You take over Double H's mission. Here's his last report.


19:23 - I am in the forbidden zone.
19:30 - I can see the shuttles coming and going from the upper platform.
20:03 - I have succeeded in penetrating into the factory.
20:50 - I am exhausted. I must have swam almost two miles.
21:10 - I'm inside... That's it, I can see the black cases... A noise! Hey!... What the?

Apparently, they've trained a reaper. The presence of this animal, along with the Sigma rays, are the proof of the presence of a "Spirit Eater."

These are his last shots... We've had nothing else for the last 4 days... Radio Silence...

"Double H" was our best reporter, he's done a lot for us. Thanks to him, the IRIS Network was able to get in contact with the governor of Hillys.

The governor is radically opposed to the Alpha Sections and their methods. But she must not be found out.

She is willing to help us if, on our side, we let the truth be known and if more and more Hillyans trust the IRIS Network.

If you find a door like this one, photograph it and send the picture to the governor. Her team of experts will try to find the code.

We're counting on you, Jade. Be careful.